Brand Your Brilliance Elite Intensive

I Believe You Were Made to Soar Above the Crowd!

Imagine mastering the art of effortlessly attracting your perfect client, over and over again, by transforming your business to showcase your unique greatness.

Envision how you will feel when . . .

  • You are instantly recognized as a credible, highly paid expert in your field;
  • You are regularly approached for your ideal speaking engagements;
  • You are attracting a steady stream of motivated clients who want to work with only you;
  • You get to work with only clients you love;
  • Your marketing has become a breeze; and takes a lot less time than ever before;
  • Your website, newsletters and marketing materials are easy to create (or delegate!) because you have the right words and phrases at your fingertips; and
  • Your business reflects your unique gifts and skills, and your true essence.

Did you know there is a big secret to creating these results? In fact, I have used this secret, and the subsequent strategic positioning, to work with clients to increase their sales by more than $2 Billion over the years.

So, what is this secret? It is to create a rich and authentic money making brand that instantly conveys what is unique and brilliant about you and your business and the valuable results that you deliver and then implementing what you created.

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Know that a brand is not the exclusive terrain of big companies or the rich and famous. It is also for you, the coaches, mentors, and experts who want to raise their visibility, create credibility, and consistently attract ideal clients.

Of course, your brand is not your tag line or logo. It is your business Essence and Identity. It is the “face” of your business and is the promise of the experience your clients get when they work with you.

If you’ve tried to create a brand before and failed, you probably did not have a simple, proven system to work with. That is where your Brand Your Unique Brilliance Elite VIP Intensive comes in.

I Believe in Going Deep to Find the Real You.

Using Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson’s ground-breaking Archetypal Brand Building work as a foundation , we will work together to create a rich and authentic signature brand that is uniquely you, and that magnetically attracts attention, opportunities, and high-paying clients!

So, what are these archetypes?

Archetypes are universal themes and characters that we and others adopt as we live our life stories. Everyone can relate because these symbolize our core human desires and evoke strong, deep emotions. You wll be amazed at the stunning accuracy of this scientifically validated system and how quickly we can make your brand take shape. And because your brand archetype gets to the heart and soul of who you are, you will also gain a deep understanding of yourself that you never had before.

I Believe You Can Master Your Business.

During this Intensive we will create the foundation your rich and soulful expert signature brand in just a day!

In this mentoring process you will learn:

  • How to step into a whole new level of expert status, authenticity and results in your business using the power of your brand archetypes;
  • How to create impactful, authentic marketing messages that generate consistent results;
  • How to magically get your people to understand and “see” who you are and what you do;
  • How to use your brand to get yourself past tough spots and blocks that keep you stuck in frustrating situations;
  • Specific words to use and feelings to evoke in your marketing so that your brand stays consistent and memorable;
  • The gifts, strengths, challenges, and Spiritual Contract of your brand archetype,
  • How to authentically “live your brand” in business and life, so that creating the income and lifestyle you want gets easier and easier to manifest;
  • Who your ideal clients are and why;

And much more!

This is what you’ll receive as part of this VIP Intensive:

  • A Personal, 30 minute prep call with me to make sure our session will be of maximum value to you;
  • A full day [5-6 hours] with me;
  • PMAI Assessment: Your own scientifically validated PMAI Archetype System assessment that will show you which of the 12 archetypes are most active in your life and those whose potential is still untapped;
  • Expanded information about archetypes in your life, and how to activate them as part of your archetypal heroic story;
  • Archetype Profile Chart;
  • High Scoring Archetypes and Descriptions;
  • Lowest Scoring Archetypes and Descriptions;
  • High Scoring Archetypes as Your Inner Allies, with Expanded Descriptions;
  • Lowest Scoring Archetype as Your Overlooked Ally, with Expanded Description;
  • Midrange Archetypes as Your Inner Treasure Chest;
  • Accessing all your strengths by using Archetypal Flexibility;
  • Seven worksheets to guide you through my expert mentoring and personal support as we create your Signature Brand;
  • My full commitment to you and your success! I will be right there with you to answer your questions, offer creative suggestions, and do some laser coaching to help you every step of the way;
  • A clear one page overview of your brand and what it means to be authentically you, to use as a basis for discussion with your web designer, copywriter, employees, partners or anyone who helps you to support or represent your brand;
  • Outline of your path forward;
  • A Personal, 30 minute follow-up session with me to make sure your new brand is polished and you are taking action with it.

I Believe in Attracting Perfect Clients Easily and Effortlessly.

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