Finally Revealed: Why Some People Take Action and Others Do Not

by Dorina Lanza · 1 comment

in Mindset and Motivation

In this compelling interview, Tony Robbins meets with two of his most successful students, Frank Kern and John Reese. Both are self-made multi-millionaires who made their fortunes by selling products on the Internet. Interestingly, neither one finished college and they both went from being broke to becoming wealthy and they continue to thrive in spite of today’s economy.

They found the key . . . now they reveal it to you. Here is a taste with a link to the whole interview below.

TAKE NOTES and put what you learn to use! Enjoy!

To watch the entire interview please click here.

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Brad July 18, 2011 at 11:04 am

Great piece Dorina, I’ve seen this many times from many folks and it should be viewed over and over throughout a life time……….


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