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Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure that you have noticed that the top online earners have all attached their names to a niche market. For instance, when you think of Mike Dillard, what do you think of? Is it the image of a scruffy guy in his early 30′s that used to be a waiter and raced bikes? No, when you think of Mike Dillard you think of his Magnetic Sponsoring empire. You want to take the same approach. You want to pick your internet niche and brand your name accordingly.

Once you have identified what your most profitable brand should be and who your optimal target market is [these issues will be addressed in separate posts] you need to “get yourself out there”.

Exactly what do you need and how do you do this?

1. Get yourself an appropriate domain name. You can register it through GoDaddy. Once you have your blog or web site set up you will be able to point your domain name to either one. This is very easily done and if you can’t figure it out, the live 24/7 support at GoDaddy is great! [I have used it too many times ;-) ] Make sure you use the domain masking feature. This will let to appear as – gives a much better first impression.

2. Sign up for a marketing engine to support your efforts. I like MLSP. It has material that can get the newbie off to a rapid start yet is ultimately customizable so you can brand yourself as whatever you like. Subscribing to such a flexible system saves you the time and expense to create your own. When it comes to the “buy or build” decision here, the optimal decision is clearly to “buy”!

3. Get yourself your own autoresponder. I like Aweber. If your visitors like what they see they will want to keep up with what is new on your blog and what you have to say. The autoresponder is ideal for this. You can send messages out when you make a new post and you can have your autoresponder loaded up with a free training program [you can start with the ones that come with MLSP] or the like to give additional value to your people. This way, you will can keep in touch with your people.

4. Drive people interested in your niche to your automated marketing system – the one being powered by the marketing engine we talked about above. You can do this in many ways – via Twitter, other social media marketing, on and off-line advertising and the like. A second wonderful feature of MLSP is the training on how to do these things that comes with the system. You will find that people will begin to opt in and, through your autoresponder emails, you will begin to build a relationship with them and they will begin to know and love you. ;-)

5. Set up your blog. Your blog can be set up for free and easily on It can be stand-alone when you start out and can later be integrated with your web site if and when you set one up.

You will want to do this because when you are driving traffic people will want to know more about you. A blog is an ideal solution. You can have its URL as part of your signature file in your autoresponder emails and you can get it to pop up in the search engines when people search on your name. This will be an additional way to make a great impression and build your identity.

You will want to update your blog at regular intervals with content that is consistent to your brand. Make sure you stay true to your brand. If you stray you will confuse your audience. Also, your content does not all have to be written by you. You can post materials from other sources as long as it supports your brand [it is imperative to credit to the original source]. You can also invite others to be guest authors.

Finally, make sure that you have a way to capture your users’ information so you can continue to build your marketing list. You can easily create an opt-in box through your autoresponder service for this purpose.

6. Additionally you can further brand yourself in your niche through other media – like video and audio. This kind of live media is excellent at making your visitors identify with you. You may not be able to see them but they can certainly see you!

Make video posts of your niche content on your blog, use your own videos in your marketing engine, post audios of trainings, interviews with market leaders and the like.

And, of course, make sure you also have a good looking photo of yourself to use in your materials – well groomed, smiling, looking at the camera, and no glasses – people want to see your eyes!

Using these media will show your personality to your people and will also show them that you really exist and are not some machine.

These points should give you a good start. Please give me a call at 561-290-2180 and let me know where you are in this business process. If I can be of assistance please let me know.

And, if you found this post useful, please share it with your friends and colleagues using the buttons up above. And, of course, I would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below!

To the Top!

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Gemma Gillins June 13, 2011 at 10:21 pm

Blogging is a wonderful institution but sometimes we get caught up in our own little world and don’t really listen to what others actually have to say. However, you also don’t want to try to reinvent the wheel. Making money online is not magic. When you work online, you work for yourself. And blogging is the way to do it! This is something that I highly recommend. I think that if I can do this, anyone could do this.


Tillie Fragman June 22, 2011 at 12:00 pm

I think that just about everyone around the world is suffering from something. It usually just comes down to money. I have been supporting my family with my online income for 12 years now. I have tried every method that you could imagine in order to make money online. Most of my income has come from search engine optimization but I have dabbled in pay per click, classified advertising, direct marketing and a countless number of schemes. There are many great reasons why Internet marketing is so much better than punching a time clock. Take my word for it, you are going to be glad that you have read this far. If you are willing to think outside the box, break away from the traditional GURU crap and see a WORKING method that you can implement right away, listen to this lady. She is obviously quite intelligent and market savvy and really knows what she is doing when it comes to making money online. She is the real deal. Using her system, you too could soon be raking in the bucks too. Go for it!


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