Mindset and Motivation

Join me! I will be speaking next Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 9AM eastern US in the gratis “Grow With The Masters” Tele-summit – it’s brilliant! For access to the whole series click here: http://littleurl.info/20z Join me to learn: The 6 reasons why your message bounces off your ideal prospect’s brain and what to do [...]


A few years ago, I heard a powerful success tip. A tip that’s been worth millions to me. And, I bet, can put money in your pocket, too. It was from a guy who specializes in buying large ($1 million or higher) businesses without using any banks, credit or his own money. And back in [...]

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Luke must unlearn what he thinks he knows.  How many things that you think you “know” do you need to unlearn? Think about it! Related Business Leadership Posts:Grow With The Masters TelesummitDid You Know That the News Keeps You Broke?