Two “Psychological Mistakes” We All Make With Money

by Dorina Lanza · 2 comments

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Did you know that our minds are wired to make two different “psychological mistakes” with money – and NO ONE seems to be talking about it?

If you’re interested in the psychology of failure and success with money, then go read this new PDF report – and watch the video that goes with it (just go to this link to get it for free):

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • Why it is that money confuses us on a psychological level – and how this leads to most of us winding up broke and dependent on others by retirement age?
  • How a simple monthly car payment can cost you MILLIONS of dollars (seriously).
  • Why buying or selling things when you’re “under the influence of emotion” always costs you a lot in the long-run.
  • A money mistake that most people make when figuring out how much a purchase will ACTUALLY cost them (almost everyone makes this expensive mistake – and you’ll learn how to avoid it).

As a bonus on top of the free PDF report and video, you also get a download exercise that will help you stop “self-sabotaging” with money.

Again, it’s all free – but only for the next several days – so go get it now. Get it by registering here.

You’ll learn a lot about money from this report and video.

Enjoy it!


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Abdel Hameed Muhammad Sadiq January 16, 2011 at 11:20 pm

Thank you Dorina for your innovative articles about sound ethics of gaining money.I really like to become the richest man on earth but I guess that I will make poverty haunt my heart and my soul for good.I believe that financial poverty is not materialistic one rather than it is a spiritual one.I really appreciate your precious ideas and your distinguished insights Dorina


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