Hey there! If you are somebody who has a long term vision of what you want to create [however vague], reasonably clear income goals, and are willing to learn, be mentored, and STAY COMMITTED and consistent to one vision long enough to see its completion, you are in the right place.

I am currently accepting interviews for the possibility of collaboration with people who speak English or Italian. These are for both people who want to work with me either in my networking business or for private business consulting or coaching clients.

Please set an appointment below for a gratis Personal Interview [20 minutes]. My assistant will be in touch with you to confirm. Please call me on 1-561-290-2180 at the appointed time.

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By the way, I am on Eastern US Time.

I look forward to hearing from you!

To the Top!

[Please note: I simply ask that if you for some reason can't make the appointed time, that you please cancel the appointment with at least 12 hours notice so I can make my schedule available to someone else. Thanks so much!]