Dorina’s ability to “set me straight” was uncanny. She had me pegged in less than 10 minutes and I was able to easily communicate with her leading me to rapid implementation of the best advice I have ever had for my practice! In other words, I owe a great deal of my business success to Dorina and her methods (Thanks a million Dorina!). I look forward to doing more business with her in the near future and I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to reach their maximum potential! – William Meers, Owner, Blueprint Marketing Service

I am a professional woman who was looking to change my life pathway from good to extraordinary and needed an extraordinary coach to assist me with my transformation. I  spoke with Dorina somewhere around my birthday last year and instantly recognized something very authentic powerful, inspiring and genuine in her.  She was very different from the other coaches (many famous and well known) that I had worked with.

In an initial short strategy session she not only was able to see around the corners of the path I wished to travel but she had plans of how I was going to get there, and enjoy the journey. As she talked to me I could feel my spirit reigniting and the flame of vision and my passion begin to blaze as it had before not because I knew that she could show me how to go where I wanted to go, but because I knew intuitively that she believed I could get that just as much as I did.!

I chose her above others that I could have worked with and in the ensuing weeks I witnessed her clear cut easy to understand  steps, her generous nature her genuine desire to  impart real skills as well as her integrity and dedication to my success.

I have now under her guidance created a killer program that takes my dreams, talents and true self to another new and astounding level. Presently I am in negotiations with  a top corporation for an out of this world launch of my business. My business is taking oWayne Allyn Root, Henderson, NVff in the direction I always only dreamed of … and I am enjoying the journey.

Dorina is witty, extremely intelligent, creative, honest and a lover of live and success and of seeing extra-ordinary dreams realized. She has helped me to create the foundations of my business, and articulate what I always knew existed but was unable to name or bring into being ……until now.

Dorina is the real deal. I consider myself extremely blessed to have found her and am certain that her ability to inspire, motivate and cause one to flourish will truly truly bless any corporation, or individual aspiring for extraordinary success. Dorina knows no other way.  She is one of a kind. – Dr. Christine Botchway BDS., LDSRCS, MSC. DDPHRCS, Edmonton, AB

I met Dorina several years ago at a business meeting.  Immediately, I was impressed with this incredible entrepreneur who had launched several new businesses and been wildly successful.  I knew that I wanted to work with Dorina as she was an incredible mentor.   I just didn’t know how it was going to happen …. yet!

Personally, I had been a successful senior executive in the medical device industry and then launched a successful real estate business but it was not where I wanted to be.  I was now exploring my next business – a business that could be virtual from anywhere in the world.  Ironically, I happened to speak with Dorina at this time and found out that she was coaching.

After one strategy session, I immediately hired her as my coach!  She understood what I was driving toward and could see the path I needed to take (even if I was not yet seeing it!).  More importantly, she ignited the passion and vision which had been dormant for a while as I took care of elderly parents.

Working with Dorina has been a pleasure not only from a business stand point but from a personal growth stand point.  She gets it!  She takes business coaching to a level not seen in the business world.

I have now launched an incredible business that helps people ‘Create the Life they want!’ and am continuing to work with Dorina to reach new heights! – Lina Kriva,  Lina Kriva LLC, Boston, MA

Dorina Lanza is an inspirational force who leads by example and has allowed us to not only make incredible strides in our business ventures, but also as human beings.  In Dorina, we found a refreshing trainer and teacher, and for that matter ‘life coach’ . . . there is no one better.   She compels you to look deep within yourself to truly realize your core values and find your true sense of purpose and passion and how that applies to your business.   We have made more progress in 2 ½ months with Dorina than we made in 4 years prior to her guidance.  Thanks, Dorina…we couldn’t have come this far without you and look forward to “achieving the impossible!” – Adam & Kristen Orlandella, Boston, MA

Dorina Lanza doesn’t call herself “Happiness Coach” but I think she can add that title to the long list of services she provides for her clients. Yes she teaches you how to think, look, sound, and act in order to achieve your goal of being the best you can be, but she also takes you deep within to find your true passion in life. I appreciate my many months of working with Dorina as she mentored, consulted, and coached me along the path of personal happiness and success. If I were to list all the wonderful and influential people I have worked with in my life, I would place Dorina Lanza at the top. She is the best! Feel free to call me for more detail about how Dorina changed my life. – Nancy Lahtinen, Del Mar, CA

Wealth Journals thanks Dorina Lanza for her professional opinions, insights and contributions. Her expertise in Home Business out-weighs the majority of the competition on the web today. If you ever get the chance to spend 10 minutes with Dorina you will realize why she is so valued in our community. – Wayne Allyn Root, Henderson, NV