Many of you probably do not know the real story of Thanksgiving and the reason that I prefer to call it “Capitalism Day”. Our politically correct schools do not tell us the real story. When I was in school many years ago, the story we got was that the pilgrims gave thanks to the American [...]

The coaching industry is a fragmented industry. What this means is that it is populated by millions of small to medium participants worldwide [with 42% in the US] and no dominant players to shape the industry. Most barely earn a living wage. Entry barriers are low – anybody can get in and call themselves a [...]

Did you know that our minds are wired to make two different “psychological mistakes” with money – and NO ONE seems to be talking about it? If you’re interested in the psychology of failure and success with money, then go read this new PDF report – and watch the video that goes with it (just [...]

Wealth v. Residuals

by Dorina Lanza

in Wealth

How much wealth do you need? Well, it depends what you want to do – and when. Let’s talk about retirement – yours. How old are you? When would you like to retire? How many years away is that? How much revenue per month would you need to have available to spend in order to [...]

You first need to realize that true wealth in Network Marketing can be created only when a very specific set of factors are in place. You have to join the right company at the right time. And, it’s critical that you’re in place and building when the exponential growth, or momentum, hits. Very tricky.  All [...]

I found this to be a very interesting analysis and presentation of the increase in overall worldwide wealth, in terms of life expectancy and income, over the last 200 years. It is clear that even though there is still a disparity between the “rich” and the “poor”, the trend is certainly up. Check out Hans [...]