Always Recruit Up

by Dorina Lanza

in Mindset and Motivation


Well, first of all, because your income is the average of the incomes of the ten people with whom you most closely associate. [This is known as a hint! ;-) ]

Then, the people you hang around with will influence your results in life [good, bad, or indifferent].

Know that you have a choice. You can choose to let only the positive influences in or you can open yourself up to all kinds of externally inflicted negativity. Which will it be?

Let’s take a closer look. Have you ever noticed that:

  • Positive people can help move you forward in the direction of your goals. The rapid growth that can be created in your organization through the synergy of a powerful alliance of success oriented team members can mean the difference between no growth and massive growth.
  • Apathetic people can help keep you stuck where you are. If you hang around with people who have no vision or goals, you will begin to lose yours.
  • Negative people WILL move you backwards into self-doubt and failure. People with a bad attitude are a cancer in your life. They are not happy unless they’re miserable and they are happier when you are miserable with them – and they will make sure that you are.

So, what does all this have to do with “recruiting up”?

Very simply, success breeds success. Success is planned. It’s never an accident. To “recruit up” means to bring people into your business who have already experienced success in business or other fields. These people already have a winner’s mentality. If you recruit people who are “better at the game” than you are, not only will your organization grow, but you will grow in the process.

Read the bios of all the blue diamonds, black diamonds, intergalactic presidential star fleet admirals in the industry and you’ll see that a large percentage were highly successful in business, real estate, and other areas before getting into network marketing.

Even though they were usually overcommitted and overworked, many dropped everything and plunged ahead with radical zeal when they saw the opportunity for residual income in network marketing.

And, they brought other high achievers with them because they knew that powerful alliances with other winners create massive income streams due to rapid growth and turnkey duplication and that healthy competition encourages each player to stretch beyond self-imposed limitations.

So, Don’t make the mistake many networkers make and go after somebody who needs a job or needs the money. That is not “recruiting up”.

This is not a business of “saving people” [usually from themselves!] Remember, that people in this category usually “need a job” for a reason . . . and that reason is not conducive to their building a large successful networking business all of a sudden. In all likelihood, at best they will impede your progress. Remember what I said earlier about your income?

You are probably working with a very credible company with a solid business opportunity. Yet, while the company provides a great opportunity, your success will depend on what you do and who you pick for your team.

Choose your inner circle wisely and with proper systems in place you will be well on your way.

Live long and prosper!

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