Do You Hate to Follow Up? Then Don’t. Be Compelling Instead.

by Dorina Lanza

in Strategic Marketing

I was wandering around the BetterNetworker community forums the other day and a thread entitled “Follow Up – I Hate to Do It!” caught my eye. The poster felt overwhelmed with the sheer volume of follow up he thought he had to do to stay on top of all of his prospects. He has many in the pipeline but the follow up had become a form of torture for him.

My response elicited quite a bit if positive feedback in terms of phone calls for further discussion of the subject. I figured that you may enjoy reading my response too so here it is!

“Follow Up – I Hate to Do It!”

If you hate doing follow up*, then don’t.

[Now, you may be thinking: Is she really saying this? She's nuts! She must have gone off her rocker! Who is she anyway? [see bio] OMG! Everybody knows that the fortune is in the follow up. NOT!]

I heard you – LOL! No, I am dead serious.

And, I have to tell you that the fortune is NOT in the follow up. The fortune is not in:

  • calling people and leaving them incessant messages – hint: they have caller ID and, no, don’t even think of blocking your number to get them to answer – you will just piss them off more!
  • sending them those video email things with more opportunity related cr … [I can't think of a nice term] – nobody cares.
  • chasing them all over the planet so that they run and hide when they see you coming down the street,
  • spamming their FB page, etc.  – very rude.

Let me point out, though, that you probably hate to do follow up because you feel as though you are chasing people. That is what most people do.

Then don’t.

I don’t follow up.

They call me or they don’t. I only work with people that seek me out. If they don’t call me . . . whatever . . . [Yes, of course you can have the scheduling and who should call whom conversation once you do decide to talk - that's not what I am talking about!].

And, when they seek me out and I know they MAY be serious.

The fortune is in your ability to get people salivating over what you have that they want.

That is what you must identify. [Hint! It is NOT your company. It has to do with you!] What can you give them that they want? How can you help them get to where they want to be?

Those are the key questions you have to answer. If you want to become an attractor of people, that is. And that is what will take you to the top.

Make yourself irresistible – to your target market.

The fortune IS in building relationships with the people who genuinely need and want what you have to offer This is what you must define – it is the reason people will want to work with you – you have and have articulated something they want.

If you have what a person needs, if you have what a person wants, and you can articulate it . . . guess what? They will be chasing you down. You will not need to stoop to any of the above chasing tactics.

What are your thoughts? Share in the comment section below. I’d love to hear them. And, if you would like to discuss this topic in person you can reach me through my contact form.

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Lead with Vision,

*Follow up means chasing people who have a caller ID and are avoiding your calls ;-)

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